City of Cape Town Online Service Requests

City of Cape TownThe City of Cape Town’s Online Service Requests (C3) system is not widely used within the South Peninsula. Instead people rely on their connections to get things done. While this has its advantages it also has its disadvantages.

The advantage is that most times things get done. The disadvantage is that there is seldom proper logging and accountability.

We have been told first hand by a senior individual within the City of Cape Town structures that there are a proportionally low percentage of C3 requests logged within the South Peninsula when compared to other areas. The knock on effect of this is that the City assumes things down here just work, because that’s what their C3 reporting tells them. We all know that is far from the truth. This means that when it comes time for budget and resource allocations that we are overlooked. We need to change this. The way we do this is by ensuring that everything we see that needs to be fixed is logged via the correct system and not posted on to Facebook and / or WhatsApp for resolution.

So how do we do this and where?

The City’s C3 system allows you to quickly log detailed information related to a variety of issues, just some of which include,

  • leaking water pipes;
  • no power or electricity / unscheduled outages;
  • blocked stormwater drains;
  • potholes;
  • uncollected refuse or waste;
  • tree removal and cutting;
  • illegal dumping;
  • noise nuisances;
  • graffiti and stolen or vandalised City property;
  • unruly or inappropriate behaviour;
  • problem buildings; and
  • speeding and traffic offences.

You can access the City of Cape Town’s Online Service Requests system by visiting the following link,

While we’re on the subject of what you can log. You’ll notice that one of the issues you can log, you’ll find it under the Law Enforcement heading, is noise nuisances. This is a pretty critical one. Most people ring up their local SAPS whenever there’s a noise nuisance. While technically speaking the SAPS can deal with noise complaints this is not their core function. This is a by-law infringement which needs to be dealt with by the City’s Law Enforcement Department. 

Would you rather have SAPS sending their 1 vehicle to attend to your neighbours loud music or would you prefer they drive around and act as a visible deterrent to would be criminals? Sounds like a no brainer to me.

We’ll post up an article on the differences between laws made by national government and by-laws, and who is responsible for enforcing them, in a future article.

This is not the full list of everything you can log, but the following 27 images should give you a pretty good idea of how comprehensive the system is.