Warning motorists of roadblocks could be defeating the ends of justice

Warning motorists of roadblocks could be defeating the ends of justice – are you willing to test it in a court of law?

People moan when they don’t see police, law enforcement, metro police or traffic taking action and being visible, but then in the same breath they complain when they do because it’s inconvenient to sit in a roadblock for 10 minutes, so they warn all their friends, family and anybody else they can on social media.

You can’t have it both ways and warning people of roadblocks could be defeating the ends of justice. Do you really want to be the person who gets to try this out in court?

Last night was another prime example where a joint crime combatting operation was held between various agencies outside Ocean View. Even before it started people were already asking questions and warning people about a large police presence outside Ocean View SAPS. Then, not even 5 minutes after the roadblock was set up the warnings started coming in to avoid the area as there was a roadblock.

Now, take a minute and think about what you are doing. Besides warning people who have been drinking, who shouldn’t be on the road in the first place (and will one day, more than likely land up killing somebody else rather than themselves), you are also potentially warning those gang members, gun runners, wanted criminals with warrants etc. that tonight is their lucky night as the warning has gone out to avoid the area, thus allowing them to allude capture.

You know those guys who come in to the area with vehicles and have crowbars with them? Yes, those guys, the ones who rip your door from the wall and steal all your stuff whether you’re at home or not. Well, guess what? If the community stopped warning people when joint operations take place, like roadblocks, then they would be held more often. Guess who will stay out of an area if they know that at any given time they could encounter a roadblock because the South Peninsula is known to have numerous roadblocks a month? That’s right! The criminals we all cry about that are taking over our neighbourhoods and the useless police don’t do anything about!

Just some food for thought.

If you’d like to help put a stop to the scourge of reporting roadblocks please take a screenshot of any person warning about them in the South Peninsula and send it to roadblocks@fishhoekcpf.co.za, along with details as to where the screenshot was taken from, e.g. Facebook group, WhatsApp group etc., and we’ll make sure to pass it on to the local SAPS station for them to deal with.

Source of warning people about roadblocks is illegal according to the RTMC, https://ewn.co.za/20…/…/21/roadblock-warning-is-illegal-rtmc along with conversations we have had with persons in a number of law enforcement agencies who are more than willing to test the merits in court.

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