How to protect your gate motor from theft

This is a serious problem that plagues the valley. Please read the below advise which was written by Sgt. Clark of Westville SAPS in Durban.

The theft of electric gate motors and especially batteries is an ongoing problem. In Westville this week we had two neighbours who each had their motors stolen on the same night!

Our collective options are severalfold.

  1. Police, security and community patrols being more alert to the threat. Suspicious persons (especially carrying heavy bags) spotted by community patrols MUST be reported to SAPS or Metro police to be searched and not just circulated amongst their chat groups to observe.

  2. Mark your property. Take 10 minutes and a sharp tool to etch your name or some identifying feature onto your batteries and even motors in several places. If you have microdot sprays, use it on them too. We regularly raid shady corners and when items are found it severely strengthens cases of posession of and receiving stolen property if we can link the items to open cases. Hence, if you have an item stolen, you emphasize in your statement that your motor, for example, has a XYZ etched in such and such places. This naturally extends to any property you own.

  3. Invest in a sturdy bracket to protect your motors. Ive seen decent brackets sell for around R650 to R1000. If you’d rather support a local handyman who can weld you up something, then go that route, but here is a caveat. DO NOT LOCK IT WITH THE CHEAPEST PADLOCK YOU CAN FIND. Really.

Article re-posted with permission from Sgt. Clark of the Westville SAPS. Like him on Facebook. Original article can be found here.

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