Radio Administration

Two Way Radios provide a swift, effective means of communication across a wide audience simultaneously in case of incident. Although partially subject to terrain, they are not subject to cellular signals or similar, operating completely independently of surrounding infrastructure.

As such, they are a valuable tool for the CPF/NHW members in assisting with crime prevention and for communicating with security companies, emergency services and SAPS.

However, there is also an inherent security risk, particularly with older standards of radio, since communications are not encrypted, and frequencies, whilst regulated, are not guaranteed for exclusive access.

You can find the radio application form as well as the radio policy documents below for download.

If you have any queries related to the Fish Hoek CPF Radio Administration you can contact the Fish Hoek CPF Radio Administrator via our contact us page. All you need to do is select CPF Contact from the Contacts menu above and choose Radio Administrator.