Completed Projects

Fish Hoek SAPS CCTV System

Over the last 8 months or so the Fish Hoek CPF has rolled out a number of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras around the perimeter and inside the Fish Hoek South African Police Service station. We take the safety and security of our members very seriously and we will continue to run projects that help to improve member safety.

The 5 cameras as well as material used to a-fix the cameras by us are valued at R8,500. Thanks must also be extended to the previous Sector Crime Forum 1 committee who donated the current display and Intel NUC which is used as the Network Video Recorder (NVR). Replacement value of this system would be somewhere in the region of R9,000.00

Update October 2018: Thanks to generous corporate sponsorships from Mustek (R10 000) and Combat Force (R5000), as well as contributions from the community, we have managed to upgrade the old CCTV server to a new i7 system capable of supporting additional cameras. The new system was officially handed over to SAPS on Wednesday, 31 October 2018. 

Ops Room Renovations

The Fish Hoek CPF gave the Ops room a fresh lick of paint, took down all the tatty old posters and put up curtains in the Fish Hoek SAPS Ops room. The ops room is used on a weekly basis by SAPS, Neighbourhood Watches as well as local and national agencies for partnership policing so it was vital to provide an area that is conducive to operations planning.

All labour and materials were donated free of charge for this work.

Network Upgrades

The Fish Hoek CPF has undertaken a number of network upgrades to allow SAPS members to do their jobs more effectively.

  • The installation of a network cable upstairs so that a procurement laptop could be connected to the network.
  • The installation of a network cable downstairs so that two computers could be connected in the the VISPOL office at the same time. The VISPOL Commander and VISPOL Head Support had to take turns utilising the desktop until we ran the additional point. Now both members can work at the same time, thus increasing productivity.
  • The installation of a network cable in the holding area so that the PIVA system could be utilised more easily, as well as in the evenings, to profile detained individuals. Previously the system was not accessible after hours because it was in a locked section of the station.

Had the Fish Hoek CPF not undertaken the above the station would probably still be waiting for their vendor to do the installs. All labour and materials were donated free of charge for this work.

SAPS Back Gate

A lot of time and effort has been put in to fixing the back gate at the Fish Hoek SAPS station. It was a long slog and cost the CPF around R4,000.00 but the gate has been operational for a number of months. This goes a long way to securing the station and improves the safety of our members.

Update October 2018: The CPF spent an additional R2900 fixing the gate after it stopped working a couple of months ago. We are pleased that the gate is once again operational and that the members are safer for it.

Holding Area and Cell Gates and Bars

Do to abuse by persons in the holding area, and the general age of the building, repairs needed to be done on various burglar bars and gates in the holding area as well as en-route to the cells. This work was done free of charge by one of the EXCO members. By completing this work the CPF has made it more difficult for detained individuals to possibly escape from the station.

Current Projects

For a list of what we’re currently looking for assistance / funding for please see our list of current projects.