Community Safety Meeting 20 March 2018

Community Safety Meeting

From left to right: Premier Helen Zille, Marc Edwards, Alderman JP Smith, Andre Blom, Alderman Felicity Purchase. Photo credit: Yolande du Preez (Africa Community Media)

Thank you to all who attended last nights Community Safety Meeting. There was an excellent turn out with the all 3 rooms overflowing with residents of the valley.

Thanks to the dignitaries who attended without much notice, Premier Helen Zille, Alderman JP Smith (Mayco member for Safety and Security), Minister Dan Plato (Minister of Community Safety), Maj. Gen. Manci (SAPS Deputy Provincial Commissioner), Riaan Spreeth (Metro Police), Mark Wiley (Chief Whip, Provincial Parliament), Alderman Felicity Purchase (Ward 69 Councillor), Andre van Schalkwyk (TMAG) and Marc Edwards (organiser of the event).

Thanks also to our station commander, Lt. Col Johnson and all her members that were there as well as all the other SAPS members from the valley and cluster, Law Enforcement, SSPs, Disaster Risk Management, SANParks, Ocean View CPF, Councillor Kuhl and to Fish Hoek High School for hosting the event.

Humblest apologies if we left anybody out! Please contact us and we’ll update.

It’s a pity that we ran out of time, with speakers going on for longer than anticipated, however, a lot of valuable information was shared, and the reality of the situation, both within local government and national deployment of SAPS was communicated.

The idea was to have a lot more interaction with the audience on the floor which can hopefully be arranged for a future date. The premier has intimated that she would like to return in 6 months to check in on progress.

The lack of budgets and resources is a reality, and unfortunately not one we are going to overcome in a hurry, especially when you compare the crime in Fish Hoek, which is predominantly property crime, to crime in other parts of the province, where they experience contact crimes (rape, murder, robbery, assault).

The City has put initiatives in place to try and bolster their Law Enforcement reserve force with their Auxiliary program and this is something that needs to be seriously adopted in the valley. The more people who join the program the more impact our NHWs can have when combined with the powers of peace officers. Rent-a-cop programs (Law Enforcement) need to be adopted by businesses in the valley, just like has been done with huge success in the Constantia Valley, where one of their Auxiliaries was awarded the “cop of the year” award by the City last year.

Our NHWs also still desperately need volunteers. If you would like to get involved then please use the contact forms on our website to get in contact with your respective NHW,

If you have solutions that you would like to put forward to the CPF that you were unable to raise at last nights meeting please get hold of us via the CPF Contact form under the Contacts section of our website.


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